Thursday, October 22, 2009


Task 1

Download this paper and do the exercises. Then, upload it to you WePapers account and embed it in your blog.


Task 2

Let`s  go shopping! Visit The Home Depot

Copy and paste the task on your blog. Put the correct answers in bold type.

a. To buy the stuff to make mortar you must go to :
  •   Flooring
  •   Building materials
  •   Tools and hardware
  •   Bath
b. After that, which section should you visit?
  •   Builders' hardware
  •   Moulding and Millwork
  •   Ladders
  •   Concrete, cement and masonry
  •   Ceilings and attics
c. Click on the "Buying guide" and read. What's the difference between concrete and cement?

  • You add concrete to other components to make cement.
  • Cement is a dry powder that is used to make concrete.
  • There's no difference. They are the same thing.
d. To make concrete you need:

  • One part of water, one part of sand, five parts of cement and one and half parts of gravel.
  • one part of sand, one of cement, five parts of Portland cement and one an a half parts of water.
  • one part of Portland cement, one of sand, one and a half of gravel and five parts of water.
Task 3

Copy and paste the following paragraph on you post. Translate it into Spanish.

Making your own concrete requires time and effort, but it can save you money. To make standard concrete, mix 1 part Portland cement, 1.5 parts gravel, 1 part sand with .5 parts water. Use water that is clean and free from acid, alkaline, sulfate and oil. Test consistency by using the back of a shovel to create a smooth surface. Then, use the side of the shovel to create a groove. If the surface remains smooth and the sides of the groove hold their shape, your concrete is ready.
If you cannot create a distinct groove, add more water. If the groove caves in, mix in more dry ingredients. Mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow provides an easy way to move it around the jobsite.


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