Wednesday, September 30, 2009


To begin working you'll first have to create your own blogs. You'll use them as your e-portfolios.

Step 1

* Create a blog using blogger.

(Have a look at this tutorial in Spanish).

* E-mail your teacher your blog's URL to
* Write a short biography in My Profile.
* Upload a picture or avatar. If you want to upload an avatar, try voki or yahoo avatares.
* Post on your blog after you finish a blog-based lesson.
* Follow the class schedule to know what to post in each entry.

Step 2

Create a wePapers account. It'll be useful to upload Word documents to your blog.


I've creted a group at where you can do exercises on line. (I will give you your users' names and passwords later). I chose some past simple and past continuous exercises to begin with.
The results will be saved on your personal pages, so I will see them. (This means it is homework!).
You can access the page from My Links on the left column.


Hi, everybody!!! I hope you like and enjoy this new way of learning! This is the class blog were you'll find your assignments, online exercises, interesting links to web pages and videos which will help you improve your English.
I also expect that we can learn from one another and share our experience with technology and the web 2.0.
 Do you know what the web 2.0 is? Let's watch this video.... yep, it is in English!

Quite thought-provoking, isn't it?
Now, can you please answer the following survey? (You'll have to download it, complete it and send it to: